Thursday, 19 October 2017

[Organise My House] Storing activewear

I purchased a tie hanger from Woolies recently for $8 as Leanne from Organisaing the Four of Us revealed that she used hers to hang her activewear singlets. I love this idea! I only have 4 belts so I’ve hung these up too. You could also hang ties and scarves as well. It definitely frees up space in my drawers and I can’t see exactly what singlets I have!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Before kids | 1st child | 2nd child

Being a parent changes everything. But a parent changes with every child too! I thought it’d be fun to document how my attitude before kids has changed after I actually had a baby, and now after having two! (Disclaimer: don't take any of the statements to heart - it's just a bit of fun :p) 

Before kids: "My baby will eat healthy, homemade food and love it"
1st child: "I’ve made some healthy, homemade food in the Thermomix but I can’t seem to get my child to eat it. I’ll keep trying." 
2nd child: "These baby food sachets are on special and they must be good as the label says organic, I'll chuck a few in the trolley, and what do you know, my kid loves it! I should be making homemade food but who has the time?!" 

Before kids: 'My kids will never sleep in our bed no matter what! I can’t believe some parents co-sleep!"
1st child: "I’m getting up 8 times a night, but I’m determined not to let her in our bed"
2nd child: "Oh stuff it, I’m too tired." Our bed becomes her bed. She hasn’t slept in the cot in 6 mths. 

Before kids: "My kids will sleep through the night, you just have to train them!"
1st child: Sleeps through from 6 weeks to 6 mths, and then not again until 20 mths. Tried lots of things to get her to sleep through and was determined to make it happen.
2nd child: Has slept through one night in her entire first year. I don’t try much at night, just shove the dummy in or give her another bottle... in our bed.

Before kids: "My kids will always have day sleeps!"
1st child: Consistently has 2-3 day sleeps until one, and then drops back to 1 sleep a day for 2 hours. I almost died! 
2nd child: Barely has a day sleep and certainly doesn't coordinate it with her sister. 

Before kids: "I’ll breastfeed all my kids until they are at least one."
1st child: Breastfed for 14 mths but had a shocking start and had mastitis twice. "It wasn’t easy but I did it! Will definitely be able to always breastfeed my kids."
2nd child: Fully formula fed. 

Before kids: "I’ll buy modern cloth nappies and never use a disposable. It's so important to look after the environment."
1st child: Tried cloth nappies and failed because I remembered that I HATE WASHING! Swapped to disposables & sold the cloth nappies. 
2nd child: Disposables from the start. 

Before kids: "My kids won’t watch TV until they are well over one year old."
1st child: "I was good for about 6 mths, but turns out she loves TV. Who am I to deny her? Plus it really is quite educational." 
2nd child: "TV is THE best babysitter ever. It is my sanity!" #notevensorry

Before kids: "I’m going to do craft & baking with my kids everyday - hello Pinterest!" 
1st child: "Baking is pretty messy, but I’ll persevere. Craft is fun but pretty messy too." 
2nd child: "Craft at playgroup and daycare is plenty right?!" 

Before kids: "We will have one-on-one time with all our kids, no matter how many we have." 
1st child: "It's so easy to have one-on-one time - during the day with Mum & in the afternoons with Dad."
2nd child: "Who has the time?! Tag along little one!" 

Before kids: "My kids won’t need daycare." 
1st child: At 7 mths old, I was super keen to get back to work, so daycare was needed, and we loved it! 
2nd child: At 6 mths old, it felt so full-on that I needed a day off! "Off to daycare you go!" (She loves it though!) 

Before kids: "I can’t wait to play with my kids all day every day!"
1st child: Has a good mix of parent-directed play & independent play  
2nd child: "Good girl, play with your sister. Mummy’s got to cook dinner!" 

Before kids: "My kids will never have messy faces & won’t eat in the loungeroom." 
1st child: Always had wipes available and I succeeded not having a messy faced kid. Always ate in her highchair. 
2nd child: "I’m finding food everywhere, and she’s not the biggest fan of the highchair." She constantly has a messy face ("Anyone got any wipes?!")

Before kids: "My kids will always be immaculately dressed." 
1st child: Takes time to coordinate outfits and hair ribbons and clips 
2nd child: Wears the eldest sisters hand me downs, which have mostly seen better days. Coordinated only if we are going somewhere special! No hair ribbons, no time for that! 

Before kids: "I won’t be one of those parents that rushes off to the hospital for everything. My child will be healthy anyway." 
1st child: "Oh my goodness, she coughed! Do you think it’s whooping cough? Let me consult Google. I think it’s bad, we better take her to the emergency room!" (Turns out it was just a cold!) 
2nd child: "She’s been coughing for a few weeks, but she’s still eating and drinking fine, I’m sure she’s ok!" (She was ok). 

Before kids: "I’m going to look amazing pregnant, and really take care of myself."
1st child: I couldn’t wait to get into maternity clothes, did not look great and certainly didn’t take care of myself (A block of chocolate everyday and 27kgs weight gain anyone!? 😆) 
2nd child: "I’m going to wait as long as I can to wear maternity clothes. I’m also going to eat less this time" (still 20kgs gained!)
[I’m assuming by the third child, your maternity clothes are pretty much your regular clothes!]

Before kids: "I’m going to lose any pregnancy weight I gain within the first few months after birth." 
1st child: Lost most within 4 mths, and was back to my pre-pregnancy weight within 9 mths. 
2nd child: Child turns one... still got 5kgs to go! 

Before kids: "My kids won’t use dummies for very long and I will never let them fall on the ground!" 
1st child: Uses a dummy until she’s 2.5!! Sterilised the dummy until she was 18 mths old. 
2nd child: Only uses a dummy at night but have never sterilised. Always on the ground. 

Before kids: "I’m never going to forget to change my baby’s nappy."
1st child: Changes it every hour whether they need it or not 
2nd child: Changes it when they poo and before naps only (and when others start complaining about the wee smell) 

Before kids: "I’m going to plan a full week of learning activities for my children every week." 
1st child: Goes to library and playgroup 
2nd child: Goes to the supermarket with her sister 

Before kids: "I won’t stress if my children are left with babysitters." 
1st child: Messages every hour to check on her 
2nd child: Turns phone off because, "whatever happens, you’ll be right!" 

Before kids: "I’m going to bath my kids every single day." 
1st child: Is bathed pretty much every day, except when it’s super freezing cold in winter (but I still felt guilty about that!) 
2nd child: "Do I have to bath them today? They aren’t that dirty." 

Before kids: "I’m going to walk everyday with the pram."
1st child: Walks most days 
2nd child: Walks occasionally but it’s a bit of an effort 

Before kids: "Hubby and I will go on a date night every week, even when the kids come along."
1st child: Manages a date night most weeks
2nd child: Haven't been out together since before she was born! 

Before kids: "I can’t imagine how great it’s going to be with kids!"
1st child: So great!! But crazy. 
2nd child: The greatest!! But how much crazier can it get?! (I'm told number 3 is even crazier... one day!)

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child collects shoeboxes filled with gifts and delivers them to children in need around the world. What an amazing opportunity for people to practice giving during the festive season, and to get your kids involved, knowing that your gift will mean so much to a child in another country who may not receive a present at Christmas time. 

You can use any shoebox you like (no larger than an A4 lid), or you can order these pre-printed shoeboxes here. Our church handed these out one Sunday for us. 

Choose whether you'll pack your shoebox for a boy, or a girl, in the following age categories: 2-4 years / 5-9 years / 10-14 years. We chose girl 2-4 years, as this is the same age as Miss M who is almost 3. 

Pack your shoebox following this guide: 
 - something to LOVE
- something to WEAR
- something for SCHOOL
- something to PLAY WITH
- something for PERSONAL HYGIENE
- something SPECIAL

Due to customs regulations, you can't include items that leak, food, used or damaged items, breakable items, items that could scare a child (like a toy gun), gambling-related items or any religious literature. 

We packed our box solely from The Reject Shop! It cost approximately $20 altogether.

We bought a notebook, stickers, pencils, a plastic cup, a little doll, cute hair ties, a ball, a packet of tissues, a soft toy, a girl's t-shirt (size 3), 2 face washers (I wouldn't normally choose white, but there wasn't much choice!) and a toothbrush. We covered all the categories, and it was really easy to find items, as the brochure (see below) gives lots of good examples. It was really fun shopping with Miss M and finding things that we know a child Miss M's age will love when she opens it this Christmas! 

This is the brochure that came with our box, but all the information is on the website here

Once you have collected all your items (I suggest taking your box with you so you can see if it will all fit while you are at the shop!) you have to donate $10 per shoebox for shipping (so altogether it cost $30 for me to do one box). Online donations are preferred (click here) and you'll get a barcoded (so you can track it!) label emailed to you to print and attach to the box. You can also use cash, credit card or cheque to donate, and you just fill out the form on the brochure (above) and attach the label (non-trackable) provided. 

Then find your nearest drop-off point - you can find them here, or many churches will send them off for you. Make sure it's all completed and dropped off by the end of October! 

I plan to do this each year with the girl's to encourage giving - so important at Christmas time! 

Monday, 16 October 2017

Our Woolgoolga Trip!

We just spent a wonderful week away at Woolgoolga near Coffs Harbour, NSW. The weather was not always sunny, but that didn't stop us having fun! We headed across on Saturday morning, the 30th September, and arrived after lunch. We were staying in a big house a few minutes drive from the beach, with my family - there were 11 of us altogether! It's always fun hanging out together (with a few fights chucked in about who wants to do what activity, and who messed up the kitchen haha!) We enjoyed Miss O's 1st birthday and my Dad's 60th while we were away too (see previous blog posts). We aren't going away for Christmas this year, so this was our big trip for the year! 

Here are some of our pics from the week...

... Holidays are for... 

Family time & selfies!

Beach time...

Cafe treats...


Piggy back rides...

Climbing trees...

Walks on the wharf...

Chasing birds... 

Reading books...

Playing cards...


Cheese platters...

Frozen yoghurt...

Flying kites... 

And of course, trips to Kmart! 

Monday, 9 October 2017

My Dad's 60th!

My Dad turned 60 on the same day of Miss O's party, so I thought I'd create a little party table for him too! 

He's a pilot so I went with an aeroplane theme. I made the little cloud backdrop out of a piece of cardboard and clouds. The bunting was from The Reject Shop. 

The little bucket with lollies was from Price busters. I purchased a sponge cake from Woolies (just to save time, and because we are on holidays!) and iced it, and placed one of the beautiful aeroplane cookies I'd ordered from Dough Re Mi on facebook. The present at the back is a photobook of photos showing Dad's life so far, from his birth to life with the grandkids! I made it through Big W Photos Online. How cute is the wrapping paper?!

Jaffas and coconut rough balls! I love this little serving tray - it was $4 on clearance at Big W a few years ago. 

The gorgeous cookies, and fairy bread (as per my Dad's request!)

I don't often serve hot food at parties, just because it can often be a pain waiting for it to cook, but we were having this party for breakfast so I wanted to include some sustenance among the sweet food (not at all healthy, but it's only once a year haha!)

Happy Birthday Dad!